Consulting services for end users can be divided into four distinct, but somehow completely connected areas.


Those are:


  • Business Process Management
  • Consultancy in choosing business solutions
  • Consultancy in order to help to make strategic decisions related to IT
  • Finding the financial resources for the end clients
1. Business Process Management
Successful companies or organizations are based on transparent and controlled business processes. Because of the market demands you must provide your organization with flexible processes focused on service-oriented organizational and operational structure.
Services include the following activities:
  • Business Process Management (BPM - Business Process Management) and use of the concept of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Business process modelling using the world's best software products that have all the necessary functionality for successful analysing, designing, implementing, monitoring and improving business processes
  • Business process management in an IT environment
2. Analysis/consultancy in order to advice to choose the best business solution
Successful companies or organizations often find themselves in a dilemma to choose which business solution is the best for them. Sometimes very similar business solution will not have the same success rate at two different clients. Making the decision of choosing solution tailored according to client requirements or choosing standardized global solution can have far-reaching financial and business consequences. Although the decision is still up to the client, DiMeros can help in the analysis of possible solutions and provide recommendations.
Services include the following activities:
  • Analysis of business solutions 
  • A comparison of possible solutions 
  • Analysis of the offered price and functionality 
  • Consulting in negotiating prices with bidders 
Negotiating on behalf of the customer about the price of licenses or hardware
3. Analysis of the processes for making strategic decisions related to IT
Successful companies or organizations often find themselves in a dilemma which way to go in the future. Keep the business and IT solutions within the company, keep the solutions and data within the company or at an outsourced location, or to build own data center, "cloud" or not? These are just some of the dilemmas which are companies facing these days.
Services include the following activities:
  • Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of possible IT solutions
  • Use of IT business standards for each industry
  • Analysis of the need for a complete "Business Continuity" and "Disaster Recovery" solutions
  • Analysis of capabilities to achieve an extremely high degree of business security and the possibility of using specialized "Business Continuity" and "Disaster Recovery" data centers in the country and region, which are compliant with the highest standards of quality, safety and regulatory requirements
4. Finding the financial resources for the end clients

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult for a successful company or organization to find affordable financing. By Croatian admiration to the European Union, some new funds and financial options became available especially for large organizations, state enterprises and regional projects including transnational projects. Funding is also available for small and medium enterprises.

We always have to keep in mind that EU funds are available only for the projects which are compliant with the objectives of the Croatian government. At the moment, available/approved resources from the Structural and Cohesion Funds, for the period of 2014 – 2020 are approx. 8.3 billion EUR. Significant financial resources are hidden behind formal, legal, business or administrative barriers. On the other hand, significant funds have been provided for technical assistance in the preparation of documentation. Only successful consultants manage to free them. 

Services include the following activities:
  • Assistance in developing business plans
  • Assistance in finding partners in other EU countries
  • Analysis of formal documentation
  • Preparation of project proposals using default forms
  • Preparation of studies preliminary feasibility docs, feasibility and cost-benefit analysis required for the project application
  • Preparation of technical design documents (preliminary, main and detailed design)



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